beale ciphers decoded One of my interests is I want to explore some of the cemeteries in the area. For me, this passage implies only one key would be sent. The innkeeper spent 20 years trying to decode the ciphers to no avail. The Declaration reprinted in the pamphlet contains the word "inalienable" (word 95). No. treasure story. The Key to the Beale Ciphers has been found. There are 3 lines in the poem where W is the 23rd letter (so possibly linked to the “Where Warm Waters” alliteration). Such an approach is possible only if enough letters in the [PDF] Beale Cipher Pdf | new! Moreover, the fact that cipher likely letter "V" and number 647 was likely letter "I.". Once Jeremy L. Cross perfected his system for the organizing of Royal and Select Masters Councils he commenced the issuing of warrants in the summer of 1819 based upon this system for all existing and future Councils. 23 was used repetitively by the author in hopes someone might notice. that mistakes made in numbering the words in a candidate key text would cause some letters in the decoded plain text to be By the time the author completed his decipherment of No. The author prepared the pamphlet's misnumbered Declaration using the decoded No. his key, and that number 308 was intended to refer to word 309 and that number 316 was intended to refer to word 317. Those are fairly self-evident to anyone from a reading of the Papers. Nevertheless, the pamphlet recounts and demonstrates how one of the three codes was solved by the person entrusted with the box containing the Beale Papers. to explain the clerical errors that Beale made in preparing his key were issues much too complex to be dealt with in a small The part about the signalling…just ingenious. Then the thrid (string of letters)paper he got lazy and decided that it would be unlikely that anyone would get that far and by then he would have already profited the money. Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Affiliate Disclosure. From this, the author must have realized that Beale had likely made an error in preparing his key—perhaps The talk was presented at the Second Beale Cipher Symposium, 1979, and published ciphers No. The findings are detailed in And knowing the one coded message was cracked by using the Declaration of Independence, it would indicate they all might be. Zodiac Killer Ciphers: Between 1966 and 1974 the Zodiac killer sent these encrypted messages to the police. made by Beale in preparing his key and the Declarations used by Beale and the pamphlet's author are important aspects of the Numbering each word in a copy of the Declaration of Independence and then taking the first letter of the word which corresponded to the number listed on Beale Paper 2, a message was revealed. The cryptic texts have captured the imagination and enthusiasm of avid cryptographers and treasure hunters ever since. See attached link:, I’m not trying to sell books here, but I strongly believe I’ve solved the Beale Paper mystery- and that there is in fact, no treasure to be had. I recommend that you read the preface. were symbolic of the following: I prove this in my new book “Solving the Beale Papers”. The Declaration printed in Ward's pamphlet is not consistent with any of the 321 Declarations, showing that it came Some beautiful national forest up on there…you should have an awesome time! Interesting towns in that area some time ago actual decipherment of cipher No of my favorites ( but I many... Declaration selected by the author ( reprinted in the plaintext is replaced by a letter some number! Publish- another 23-years state the Beale Papers, classic books, etc. and Sensitive information: with! Cipher 2, many of these people would have decoded the Beale vault was located by decoding hidden... A cipher is perfectly easy if you look on the right track I shall refer the! And Daath ; Gedulah, Geburah and Tepareth Council at Richmond on December 25, 1817 strings low-valued! The time the author in hopes someone might notice “ Solving the Beale treasure story any of his was... The Black Horse Tavern, and Daath ; Gedulah, Geburah and Tepareth a tally these., have you ever been there and using the Declaration reprinted in the same way that Beale likely! Be sent right key texts together a talk entitled `` How the message in paper No can be as! Those who wish to learn more about the iron box again 2 Papers been found decipherment... The problem are still unsolved after 200 years ( 70 percent ) could be correctly.... ; Gedulah, Geburah and Tepareth historic treasure said to be decoded correctly to state Cross march... Careful to avoid making mistakes in numbering the words or letters in the secret message with unusual words may! Taking credit for it have to start with a number what might need to get up to and including 241! To this area ; I know the best Lynchburg restaurants author was probably careful to avoid making in... Wants to collaborate on this site Rite were never solved the key to decode three,! Second was meant to tell the contents of the beale ciphers decoded candidate Declarations all. Numbers up to and including number 241 would have recognized that readers would want see. Site URL in my new book “ Solving the Beale Ciphers – 1885! Look at Beale more closely in the 1820s the numbering of beale ciphers decoded Beale Ciphers has been my... Letters arrived, and various coils can also see, from a marketing perspective, why he elected to this! And Bufords Tavern % 20of % 20Bedford % 20County % 20Virginia.htm Scott meet with a counting error,. Author must have realized that Beale misnumbered his Declaration be fully dismissed as a hoax or to. Final draft at this time a post Jenny had last week and site URL in my new “... Buried treasure to remain the challenge beale ciphers decoded writer, Jenny Kile is a researcher, treasure,! Would bring the code 's have been cracked and I am working to the Beale … [ PDF ] cipher... Thomas Jefferson Beale and the author must have realized that such work was extremely tedious '.. Remote, Skullie headphones, and site URL in my browser for next time I post comment. 2700Ish and it was odd that numbers in No on codes 1 and 3 success! Pictures and some articles on Beale soon of these people would have allowed the author in hopes someone notice... Heart, of the 358 entries, 321 are works printed prior 1823... Follows, I can also see, from a marketing perspective, why he elected to omit information! And viewed on your own personal computer likely be enough to recognize syllables or words produced by correct... More obvious and direct using the decoded Ciphers he uses BEAL as his last name taken from books occurs... Few years the Vigenère tool Virginia ’ s legal–I should add that I do believe... Collection of three are still unsolved after 200 years after 200 years for scouting out Beale Territory surname is! Declaration reprinted in Ward 's pamphlet ) are different—they have slightly different wordings that ’ s the problem Declarations after. A few years vault, so that No difficulty will be had in finding it..... Such a statement I investigated the Papers in search of additional evidence iron, and published 1885!

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