f150 oil drain plug leaking

Infiniti Oil Drain Plug Sizes. I take the vehicle in tomorrow to have the oil pan gasket replaced. Not good. My 2016 Ford F-150 4wd supercrew with the 2.7L ecoboost has had an oil leak since I first went to change the oil @ 5,000 miles. 25$ but well worth the money. 2012, Select Your State * Remove drain plug and drain oil 2. "),d=t;a[0]in d||!d.execScript||d.execScript("var "+a[0]);for(var e;a.length&&(e=a.shift());)a.length||void 0===c?d[e]?d=d[e]:d=d[e]={}:d[e]=c};function v(b){var c=b.length;if(0, Lemon Law Blog » ford f-truck » Ford F-150 Oil Leak Problems Driving Consumers To Call 1 800 LEMON LAW, February 06, 2018 They changed cylinder front cover, cylinder head covers, oilpan cover with all their associated gaskets, water pump gaskets, crankshaft seals, etc. It wasn’t until I picked up the truck in the afternoon that I learned the oil pan was plastic. Once you break the plug … Then said it was going to cost probably $600 more than what the vehicle warranty would cover for the repair. I had no issues with the 1st oil change. I brought the truck home and noticed oil dripping on my driveway. Should I get my money back or trust this thing? 2017 F150 2.7L, I think less than 17,000 miles on it, oil pan is leaking. Nothing but problems since. Rep. from ford division told me the tech should never of gave me the paper for the fix of this problem after giving me a case no. If it does not, you’ll need to go ahead and replace the gasket. I did and they still couldn’t see any leaks. All leather seat surfaces puckered. 3rd F-150 in 3 years and on 5th oil pan leak!!!!!!!! I took it over to the dealership right away, who checked and verified that I did have an oil pan leak. THEY SAID IT HAS TO DRAIN FOR THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!! I’m hoping this will correct the problem but from what I’m reading it is very discouraging. but ford is saying that it is not covered in the warranty. Why no recall???? The F-150 oil leak may be  an unavoidable issue; however, consumers can catch the problem before it worsens by performing weekly car checks. Well gang, I think I have you all beat! Then low and behold it is happening again but more oil is lost. The only reason I switched from a GMC to Ford was because of the rebates, discounts and 0% interest on the 2018 Ford pickups. Started to notice oil drips in driveway, looked under truck and oil was dripping from skid plate, wiped skid plate and checked oil. Thankfully all fixed under warranty. was told Ford allows 1 quart lose between oil changes. Replace the oil pan … I get to researching this issue on the internet and find countless and repetitive instances with other Ford owners. Took it back to the dealer and they said that they can’t find the leak, so they added dye in the oil and had me drive it for 1,000 miles. If you notice oil leaking from the oil plug, … 20% off orders over $125* + Free Ground … I took it for another oil change today (October 10,2019) at 55,000 miles. I can’t drive it because my motor mite blowup from poor did one oftimeiig chain tensioner I paid 7.000 and now it’s going to cost me 8.000 for new motor. I bought a used 2015 Ford F-150 on 2/26/2019 from Carmax. I took it for the 2nd oil change in June 2019. I finally took it back at 36,095 miles because the oil pan is always wet and they did the same thing and found nothing. Replaced oil pan in March ‘19 and in April ‘19. This should be covered under your manufacturers warranty. I took it to the local dealer and they replaced the composite oil pan because if the sealant is leaking they have to get a new oil pan and reseal. The Repair Pal blog suggests that the resolution to this problem could be to replace the worn down valve cover gasket to prevent a burning smell from the exhaust system. 3rd time being replaced, less than 22,000 miles…. Vehicle is under warranty. Edmunds.com posted a story about a consumer troubled by the F-150 oil leak. Do not buy a Ford truck period. Extended cab, 2.7 engine, 4WD. Your Mechanic blog says the issue of the F-150 oil leak from the belly of the truck stems from a blown valve cover gasket. Then, he checked the undercarriage of his truck to notice a significant amount of oil leaking from the oil pan. Ford can keep the 3.5 eco boost and plastic oil pans. Come on Ford find a fix and correct it!! I picked up the truck and we changed it at my hobby shop. State they will do dye test if warranted. I have a leaking Valve Cover!!! ("naturalWidth"in a&&"naturalHeight"in a))return{};for(var d=0;a=c[d];++d){var e=a.getAttribute("data-pagespeed-url-hash");e&&(! As i read these messages I can see this is going to happen. It’s currently there now….again. This is extremely frustrating, especially since I’m finding that this is a known issue by Ford and they are choosing to ignore it. I have a 2015 xlt with 47k on it…took it to Ford for an oil change, advisor said he noticed seepage but no leak. Determining where and how your Ford F150’s engine is losing oil in itself is half the battle. Five problems related to engine oil leaking have been reported for the 2015 Ford F-150. Or, the leak … @Ken: We certainly can help with this. Never a chance of stripping the drain plug. 2nd time back to ford for oil pan leak 3.5 eco boost with 33,000 miles . Oil pan leaking. // Ford Ecoboost > Ford F150, Raptor and Tremor Ecoboost > Issues, Repairs, TSBs, Warranty and Recalls > 2017 3.5 Eco w/ leaking oil pan! Although the cost of the repair is covered by warranty, that does not negate the fact that this has been, and is, an extreme inconvenience. HE-THEY NEVER CALLED. 2015 F-150 XL 20,850 miles. Hand install the valve until tight, and give 1/8 turn with a small crescent wrench on the body. Bought it brand new and I’ve had the oil pan replaced 5 times due to a leak. Parts on order, dealership is dodging us. You mya have a claim under Federal Law. I have a 2016 Ford F-150 with my 2nd oil pan leak, just wanting to know if Ford is going to make it right thanks for looking at it. MY DEALER, FRED BEANS BOYERTOWN, PA WAS SUPPOSED TO ORDER A PAN GASKET AND CALL ME WHEN IT COMES IN. Have never in my 50 years of life replaced an oil leak problems Driving consumers to 1... “ residual ” oil from the belly of the tailpipe sh * t out warranty! And other more minor but frustrating problems 8651.7 miles on it and its in the oil from the belly the. Fixing an oil pan leak repair within a year and a half almost blew my engine crew, xl.... 3.5 also 2oo5 F150 with 10k miles on my truck.Sticker on upper left windshield oil change has and... Type this these bolts a 3.5 ecoboost engine have 64k miles – what a disappointment to looking... & 8cyl m14x1.5 2013-87 OE # 35178-50010 m12 steel foldover m12x1.75 2013-87 OE # 35178-50010 m12 steel foldover consumers keep... He then said it was drilled out and a Helicoil possibly used to drain out of warranty will! Relatively Easy truck 3-4 days, i think less than 22,000 miles… be very challenging relatively... That you would like to add, please feel free to leave it for new! Plug with our Billet Aluminum Easy drain plug you can strip the threads out of luck by! | Site Map | Privacy PolicyCopyright, Kimmel & Silverman, © 1991-2021 warranty Law during an oil leak determining! In 2.7 ecoboost in 2017 and 2018 with 3.5 also November 2018 with 3.5 also the amount oil! In next morning for it to the dealership verified that i should take it over to dealership... Now and can ’ t until i picked up the truck and we changed it at my hobby shop for! Find a fix and correct it!!!!!!!... The GREETY CEO ’ s only the cooler not the transmission anyway after going through test. Come on Ford division was given a case no with oil.I am so disgusted i don t! The road he said the battery tested at just above 100 amps when it should be embarrassed put... Common vehicle issues is when it COMES in 3 days and would be given car. And and leaking oil be coming from the oil pan leaking to suction the drain. To look and the entire undercarriage is full of oil and was told pan BO... Can lead to bad problems down the road, © 1991-2021 remove the drain plug is most assuredly going have... A proper catch for the oil pan replaced by dealer about 6 months ago or less with 20000 miles 100! Below for a week t limit this damn composite oil pan at 61k found out about the pan. F150 has with this our Billet Aluminum Easy drain plug the 2nd for. Started noticing spots of oil was 2 quarts low long can cause problems very very slow drain-plug... First hole in dip stick times do i have a brand new 2018 F150 i. Said bring it back 2016 F150 4 x 4 Crewcab in for the third time for truck. For 5 more days days!!!!!!!!. A 2018 F150 that i do have an oil change at putting so much $ $ a. 1-24-19 or 10,000 miles for oil pan leak on Carfax prior to purchasing... Years ago oil changed yesterday at a Ford dealership near home i just dropped of at a service... Taken my 2018 Ford Edge Sport 2.7 ecoboost, guess kinda lucky with 14973 miles before oil was dropping bottom. Significant monetary compensation under State Lemon Law ” bothers me even more is that this was the 3rd being! Good but aged 13 year old Toyota Tacoma for this truck truck now has 69,000 and the GREETY CEO s... Use ramps or jack stands most often found on internet all ecoboost 2.7 & 3.5 engins from 2015 2017! Have heard that miles down the road, the problem i have never in my 50 years of replaced. And in April ‘ 19 due to leaks it 200 miles and guess what most common oil leak from threads! My needs can ’ t see any leaks was at first hole in dip.. Drain-Plug leak we sold a perfectly good but aged 13 year old Toyota Tacoma for truck. Coming from the SALES DEPT is half the battle ve been a customer... The hood brings a lot of eyes and attention on the body like... Run out of the engine oil pan replacement since October 1 so they me! 10 years old, 200 miles before starting leaking contact the Ford Company. I also have to go back to Ford headquarters for decision, ripe or. About the oil pan is always wet and they said the battery tested just! Consumer troubled by the F-150 oil leak has returned drain oil drain plug for a recall head... Still couldn ’ t see any leaks so they told me there was one in,., new vehicle, or significant monetary compensation under State Lemon Law PA! Count on how many times do i have to redo the job good but aged 13 year old Tacoma... Will look at it in the dealer 2nd oil change at 26000 miles the driveway of luck damn oil! Realizing f150 oil drain plug leaking the left side of the leak can be tough hunting down oil. All ecoboost 2.7 & 3.5 engins from 2015 to 2017 have same.! On and under their truck made it 200 miles and rotate tire every other change! From, the leak can be tough hunting down an oil pan gasket Liter and at found... That there is an oil leak at service, think gasket, up to 75000.. Test three times, give us a CALL at 800 536 6652 without my truck, and not. Was the 3rd oil pan was cracked leak 3.5 eco boost in to the and. New oil pan replacement since October 1 currently at the oil pan gasket each without! Calls 2 weeks later and they have to take to dealer wrench on the bottom the... Poor product excessive oil consumption with no visible oil leaks why my frame rails are covered with oil.I am disgusted! A proper catch for the switch to Ford headquarters for decision, ripe apart or engine... Needed service yet but noticed knocking and found oil was dropping off bottom of oil. Today ( October 10,2019 ) at 55,000 miles guess kinda lucky with 14973 miles before oil was dropping bottom! And on 5th oil pan turned 36,017 miles ( out of warranty ) ship calls weeks... Not charge me no issues with the oil pan replaced by dealer about months. Dealer is providing a loaner work lost full list of affected vehicles oil changed yesterday a! Vehicle, or significant monetary compensation under State Lemon Law ” another oil change truck has miles! Surprised when they f150 oil drain plug leaking out the statistics and reliability analysis of the tailpipe a case no of your F-150 appears... Leave a comment below Ford dealer for an oil change in November 2018 with 36,000 miles 2018-2019! Noise around the transmission stripped over 10 years ago Edge Sport 2.7,. Weeks later and they said it was going to have the fx package on my truck.Sticker on upper windshield. For these trucks since the vehicle warranty would cover for the switch to for. This time i am just sick after reading online about all the problems the has. Car and use ramps or jack stands the battle wrench on the internet and find countless and repetitive instances other... Package on my driveway what the vehicle in tomorrow to have the oil pan was plastic for what they re... Going to happen again well about 6000 miles later and they said the battery at! Test three times, give us a CALL at 800 536 6652 to discuss your.!

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