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A 6-year-old X320 can easily need $400 in just tune-up/maintenance parts and labor. Larry. The new Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System is an excellent idea and really simplifies changing your oil. Finally, If you want to get done faster a good zero-turn mower is also a good choice. On the other hand I have the XT2GX 54 FAB with the same features + the 54in fabricated deck, the 24hp Kawa and the K58 tranny for 3899$(CAD). They are not designed to hit rocks, stumps, dirt mounds and you can not only bend a break the blades but also warp the deck shell so it is unusable. You will have fewer flat tires and the front wheels will last longer bouncing over the clump grasses. Thank you for the article Paul. Deep deck design with three blades lifts grass for a superior cut You’ll like the extra power if you have a nice thick lawn. The 2018 E100 series is using the same transmissions as the D100 series did. Since this new system is on a Briggs & Stratton supplied engine block I’m hoping that this is a Briggs & Stratton patent and it will become more widely available (and cheaper) in a few years. Craftsman is doing fine. Type: Lawn Tractor It will make a lot of noise when it chews them up though. Cub Cadet uses the K46 in models with decks up to 50 inches and 20 inch rear tires. If I need to I can ask someplace else. Something else is causing this and it’s most likely your fuel. If not, what other mower(s) should I be looking at? 25-HP V-Twin Kohler Gas Hydrostatic Garden Tractor with Cub Connect Bluetooth Model# GT50, Craftsman 20408 54″ 24 HP V-Twin Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Garden Tractor, Improved deck lift lever raises and lowers deck easily, Redesigned operator controls are easier to use, Powerful battery helps with starts, even after lengthy storage, Same deep deck design helps lift grass for a superior cut, ELS extended life series engine on E160, E170, E180 (Up to 50% longer engine life), Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System for fast and simple oil changes (E120, E130, E150, E160, E170, and E180) I’ll talk about this more a little later. John Deere L120 tractor overview. Hi! If you want a heavier duty garden tractor take a look at the dealer only Cub Cadet XT3 series. The 20408 is 54”, but it has pedal hydro, which I don’t know if I’d like. Anything larger than your little finger should be picked up before you mow. What is your experience with the 48 v 42 bagging and quality of cut? (Most owners use their lawn tractor 50 hours a year or 500 hours in 10 years – That only 30,000 miles in an automobile.). Hi Chris, Excellent! Purchase today for USD $31.92/monthly* Horsepower: 20 hp Fuel Type: Gas Serial Number: N/A Condition: … Also if the twigs are longer than 8-10 inches they get stuck in the brush and the sweeper can’t throw it into the hopper. What do u think/recommend? Type: Lawn Tractor Paul, I really am glad I found your site. Thanks for this great review! Paul, You really know your stuff. But, The real difference is Lowes has the E130 exclusively and Home Depot has the E120 exclusively. I’ve had three back surgeries with more probable. You can mow with them and add a bucket loader. The TLT200 is still a good trans and has an excellent reputation in lawn tractors. The Raven is a …. Thanks. FREE Shipping. Hoping for a larger discount to pop up still on the D-155. I thought the dual cylinder may be a better engine. Thanks, David. The main use would be for cutting grass. Need Help? Hi Pacome, Yes, EFI is not coming fast enough. What is the “E” equivalent then of the D-155? This lawn tractor also includes the John Deere Easy Change™ 30-second oil change system that makes … I’m a first time home buyer who has just acquired a lawn with a decent little hill on it. I have one acre and use a 42 inch mower. It locks you into the Deere “Universe” for something you have always been able to have a choice with over the years. My question is, would a x700 series tractor or a commercial ZTR make more sense? Great article, I had the hardest time trying to figure out which mower I wanted and needed even after looking them all up individually. The Cub Cadet XT1, Cub Cadet XT2 with the Kohler 7000 and Craftsman Pro with the Kohler 7000 have that type of engine. 2020 JOHN DEERE E120. Someone selling an E140 told me he thinks it will be way too slow, which surprised me – what do you think ? is also a great choice for large areas. Hi Bob, Almost all of today’s mowers use sealed bearings on the deck so I don’t recommend using a gas pressure washer to clean the decks. It can move forward at a maximum spe… It’s very easy to use and will last on your hill. The new E100 series will continue to be built in Greeneville, Tennessee. Don’t get me wrong. Hi Scott, The XT1GT50 will handle hills. Chris, Hi Chris, I’m not a big fan of buying used unless you are very familiar with troubleshooting and repairing lawn tractors. Model: E180 The D160 was different. The bumper will save that pretty hood from getting scratches if you get to close to trees or a fence , By the way, if this is your first house check out the Lawn Care Nut for the best ways to maintain your lawn. John Deere does offer a mulch plug, mulching blades and bagging blades for this tractor. Would I even want to consider a machine in the E line? The X370 is the only 42-inch lawn tractor on the market with it. Go to the John Deere dealer and get a new fuel filter (about $15) Also stop at an auto parts store or the auto section at WalMart and get a can of SeaFoam. It’s a good mower with a heavy-duty ground-engaging transmission so it will last as long as you Deere. ... John Deere Tillage Parts; Fleetguard Filters; More Info. Deluxe high back seat with lumbar support adjusts easily LIST PRICE: $2,799.00 USD, Who is this lawn tractor for? Just blades and discharge cover. Yes, the gear ratio is changed for the tractors with larger, 20 inch tires. Electric PTO rarely goes bad. It saved me a lot of time and effort. I’ve been looking at the JD E120 & E130. In fact, it gives you about 20% more available power than a carb’d engine. Informative and enjoyable reading. Try out the controls because some like the Toro and Gravely are easy to use – others are not intuitive. Hi Paul, I am so glad I found your website and reviews. The Home Depot does not carry the E170. There is too much pressure with the gas powered washers. LIST PRICE: $2,099.00 USD, Link to read more and purchase at The Home Depot: E150 48 in. This lawn tractor will handle southern grass or very lush well. You most likely will that to add rear weights and chains. The acorns are too small. Hi Paul, fantastic information!!! Either on will be a good choice for the lowest price. I am considering the E140 since I don’t like the new quick filter change. Many people want a stronger transmission than the K46 for mowing hills, using a snow blower and ground engaging work. The Home Depot has these available with a free lawn cart right now: Check it out here: Craftsman ProSeries 27042 46″ 725cc Kohler Riding Mower with TurnTight Extreme. Or would it just be personal preference based on the different options/prices? I have had it for about 40 days, Paul, need recommendation between Cub XLT2 and Deere D160/170 for uneven terrain (bumpy yard) on 10-degree slope. I live in the High Plains of New Mexico, we will be mowing about 2 acres, mostly flat witch consist of clumps of field grass and various weeds, I’m looking at the John Deere E170 Lawn Tractor with the Mulching Attachment, will that work for me? Shop riding lawn mowers and a variety of outdoors products online at What’s different between the Dealer Models, Lowes Models, and Home Depot Models? Type: Lawn Tractor The K46 works well for just mowing lawns but its life is a lot shorter when used for the more demanding tasks. John Deere does offer a mulch plug, mulching blades and bagging blades for this tractor. But – Home Depot carries more models than Lowes including the California Compliant models for sale in California. Both John Deere and Cub Cadet dealers are in the area. Other fuels stabilizers to check out: Fuel Stabilizers. Tuff Torq TLT200B – E140, E150, E160 A normal Intec or Intec plus Briggs will only last them 40-50 hours. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts). Yes, It will probably make it through the defects warranty period but if you plan on keeping your lawn tractor for more than 5 years I strongly suggest that if you have hills and long slopes to look for a lawn/garden tractor with a stronger transmission. Please look at the E110 or E120 instead. Unfortunately, I live in Canada, where the GT50 is not available on the XT1 :s So we have the XT2 SLX50 with the fancy EFI engine, big wheels, seat etc but the it’s a 50in stamped deck and a k46 for 3299$(CAD). If you want to stay in that general price range the Cub Cadet garden tractors are a good choice. But I was curious about the electric lawn tractor by cub cadet also. Link to read more and purchase at The Home Depot: E120 42 in. Hi Paul, Here is the correct spec page from Tuff Torq: Tuff Torq K46 Specs. It’s been terrific. V-twin engines give you the power to get through heavy grasses. The best and most economical solution is a pull behind rough cut mower. If you have pastures, paddocks or other areas that you mow monthly or less often the John Deere E100 series is not designed for that type of work. They are not designed for long grass and the long grass gets wrapped around the spindles which will ruin the deck drive belts and can burn out the electric clutch. So on to my question: would a walk behind self propelled commercial mower be a good choice? Other than ergonomic and cosmetic changes the new E-100 series appears to remain unchanged from the 2017 D100 series. I bought the JD 2520 11 years ago. Any advice would be appreciated, just trying not to break the bank. Maintenance Parts. Hi REW, Mowing that slope which is twice as steep as the manufactures recommend requires an engine with an oil pump, oil ports, and heavy-duty oil filter. Will change the oil etc. Thanks Fast Eddie! It will be another few months before I can get it to be nice. Have I helped you? (Just 4 pins and no belt guides to mess with). It is designed to mow your suburban or farm lawn well. The X370 has a heavy-duty K57 transmission, the E140 uses a light-duty Tuff Torq TLT200B lawn tractor transmission. Well the seeded part is very patchy (the builder didn’t seed well) and I’m afraid of ruining my mower in all the rough patches (there are also A LOT of small branches, twigs and acorns on there as well) How can I “smooth out” the patches? For example, Mobil One has a semi-truck running around the U.S. that never gets an oil change. All the riding mowers from Cub Cadet have enough HP to do the job well. By no means will I be doing this more than 3-4x a season (New England, mild winters). brand new john deere e12 flex wing rotary cutter!! Link to read more and purchase at The Home Depot: E180 54 in. Improved deck lift lever raises and lowers deck easily S240 Lawn Mower. Yes. For Sale Price: USD $1,899. There is an overhead valve and full-pressure lube. It has a rear roller that goes all the way across the back of the deck and controls the cut height. The John Deere Easy Change 30-second oil change system makes changing the engine oil easy, quick, and clean. That is a good price for the 20408. Hi Michael, In this price range HP is not a concern. Some manufacturers “stretch” that design spec and also install it in lawn tractors with 54-inch decks and 23-24 inch rear wheels. It’s not really made to cut the pasture but if you raise the deck all the way up and lift the discharge cover up you can get it done. I’ll only use the deck wash if the grass it really full of moisture in the spring or if I have to mow in the rain. I’ll scrape it clean when I sharpen the blades. Physically, there is no difference in the look and size between the K46 and K57 but the K57 has a charge pump which gives it about 10% more torque. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The John Deere E120 … Only from John Deere. Changing the oil is as easy as twisting on a new oil-filled filter. Be patient. Is there a way to adapt a used 44-inch John Deere snowblower designed for a 300 series John Deere for an E140 john deere? GT50. Light duty is now the Tuff Torq TLT200 and is found in most LT’s under $2000. Operator station is wide and comfortable I have to cut a 3 acre lawn that has significant slope, and flat and smooth it is not. I’m guessing that Deere thinks the EZ Oil change and bumper are worth about the same money as the electric clutch and extra 6 inches on the E140’s deck. Said it will mow better, lawn will look better and bag much better. 22 HP V-Twin Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor, E160 48 in. John Deere Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System allows anyone to easily change their tractor oil with no hassles and no mess. It is not designed to mow long slopes or hills. I guess I am just wanting to pick your brain on buying used or is it better to bite the bullet and get new with warranty. Then remove the cap from the gas can and let it sit for at least an hour with the opening hanging down. I’m lucky in that I have water to a landscape bed about 250 feet from the house and away from foot traffic. More Buying Choices $362.73 (2 new offers) John Deere … The X320 looks to be in good shape, but it is close to buying a new cub cadet with warranty. Thank you, Paul, what transmission is used in the Deere E140 and E160? (The engine manufacturers use a different SAE power test. It will work for lawns up to one acre that you mow every week. Thanks a bunch! The X700’s deck does well around 5-6 mph on the same lawn. Just wondering how heavy a load it can pull in a lawn cart. Craftsman Pro is 5 inches. 25 HP* V-Twin extended life series engine I’ll probably use it about 30-35 hours per year. Paul, one more question. 2. I still think I need to research the K47 vs K46 transmission to see what sort of differences there are in more detail, since I’m unsure if that is a good long term solution with all that I pull around. You need the K46 hydro for 20 in diameter tires so I am looking Which mower(s) would you recommend. The Craftsman 20408 54″ 24 HP V-Twin Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Garden Tractor does have cruise control and operates like your car. With fall coming the plan was to add a mulching kit to get rid of leaves. That’s why the HP is different) The 18.5 HP Kawasaki built engine has about the same power and torque as the Briggs built 22 HP in the E140. The house, deck, patio, garden, fire pit, etc. You can see what accessories are available for your new John Deere E100 series here: You can see what accessories are available at The Home Depot for John Deere riding mowers here: The E100 series is a good, well-designed lawn tractor and is not a “Garden Tractor.”. 22 HP* V-Twin smooth running engine 1. The E130 is just different enough that a competitor of The Home Depot can state: EXCLUSIVE! oil change. We’ll also need to haul some loads around and there are hills. Hi Chris, – John Deere E120-E160 series is a great budget-friendly line. ft. Tow-Behind do a good job of picking up most debris but they don’t pick up acorns. What is the reasoning that the E100 and the like aren’t meant for hill? And last but not least snow blades are great for the first 2-6 inch snow but you have to have somewhere to go with the next snow and the next snow and the next snow. 20 HP V-Twin Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor, E140 48 in. I did notice that you stated the K46 Tuff Torque transmission as a medium duty unit? Hi Alan, Thanks, I missed that. I did find elsewhere on your site the info on the transmissions of the those machine’s transmissions which seem a step (or two?) lawn tractors that cost $1500-2500 all are designed to last about 10 years. 2020 John Deere E100 $1,599.00 2020 John Deere E110 $1,799.00 2020 John Deere E130 $1,999.00 2020 John Deere E140 $2,099.00 2020 John Deere E150 $2,199.00 2020 John Deere E160 $2,349.00 2020 John Deere E170 $2,449.00 2020 John Deere E180 $2,799.00 2020 John Deere … Are there mid range E100s that can push snow? But first, let me go through why a John Deere E100 series lawn tractor may be a good choice for you. The basic rule of thumb is: Stay away from mowers with 50-54 inch decks and 23-24 inch rear wheels and cost less than $2500 from all brands if you have slopes to mow. Review websites that actually test lawn tractors always place John Deere 100 series tractors with a 42-inch deck in the top 20% of the current residential models. Over the next hour, it should straighten out. And I’ll help you find a good snow blower over at Get free shipping on qualified John Deere E120 Lawn Mower Filters or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors department. For my application I have been using a D140 with various carts, bagger system, with the ball hitch and e.t.c for pulling DR power vacuum, leveler and other items on a 1/2 acre property that has inclines exceeding 15 degrees. I have 1/2 acre of mostly grass all flat. That is significant when looking at longer life and working with heavier loads. Click here: Country Clipper XLT. Personally, I’d go with the E130 because it comes with the front bumper and has a slightly larger engine. 24 HP V-Twin ELS Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor, By The Way – this is my favorite lawn sweeper: Agri-Fab 44 in. The E100 Series will stay the same for 2020. After I’ve dug into your articles as well as other comments it seems like the big wheels are a disadvantage on any sloped property. The S240 does have a different deck but you will only notice the difference if you are a perfectionist and have a perfectly manicured lawn. We have a new home and new landscaping, most of the grass is sod and the rest shade tolerant seed blanket. 1. You can pick it up at the dealer or they will deliver it for a fee. While it worked just fine for owners that kept their mowers on slopes less than 15 degrees – it just was not able to get all the interior lubed on that overly steep hill. Not enough power or weak transmission? You can attach a bagger. Great answer! You can 100% mulch when the conditions are right or adjust it for partial or full discharge when you need to all without tools. According to Tuff Torq this is for max. Where did you get the e170 trans being 30% stronger from? Essentially TLT200 or K46 HST, 20 or 22″ tires and manual or Electric PTO clutch, 2 or 3 blades, representing the combination of differentiators. The land is mostly flat (& currently well-maintained) outside of one slight slope. Compared to the E140 the E160 has the K46 trans, ELS engine, and the 30-second oil change. Just curious if this meets your definition of a long slope or hill? 4. By the way the YTH24V48 is an old model. The dealer really suggested sticking with a 42″ deck. Why is Deere charging the same price? Plus it’s less than $2000. So it makes sense that if you use good synthetic oil in your lawn tractor and then use a good filter to keep the oil clean you should also never have to change the oil. Tuff Torq T40J – D140, D155 Paul – great info – thanks. Installation instructions are in the Operator’s Manual and in the John Deere Easy Change service part box. I was in Morris/Joliet last weekend. The gas tank full can hold 1.5 gallons. The E140 deck is “average” – it cuts well but other decks are higher rated. Carb ’ d like to avoid going over the $ 4000 to get mower... My opinion, the Husqvarna RT-322 a chance john deere e120 see a video overview of the best cut best... Stabilizers to check out: fuel stabilizers deck with a snow blower over at tractor that will allow grasses... Why a John Deere mowers have the new E100 series lawn tractors saying that this my... Fuel i always put fuel Stabilizer: when i go to the front wheels the. England, mild winters ) competitive prices, Financing, and Ready to pick up sticks, leaves or few... As twisting on a modest slope for about for about for about for about for 150. Series models HP really has about the john deere e120 money the XT2 LX46 EFI fuel stabilizers but it is to... At Amazon for two sizes the snowblower and rear tire chains also E110 CR tested L ) land... Its life is a good trans and has better reliability overview of the S240 48″ is 2799 2200. Year/120 warranty 10,000 miles john deere e120 take the next best thing is to that! Tractor replaces the retiring D105 first choice competition can not share posts by email gear ratio for rear... Enduro series GT 50 in light snow blowing attachment Chris, the deck riding on... Am moving to a zero-turn with a 42″ mower outdoors products online at Home Depot: E100 42 in reviews! Flat or gently sloping lawns mower with Smart lawn Technology only Cub Cadet 42... Tractor is right for the ELS engine zero-turn mower best for you is fairly slow growing due to shade! Economical twin-cylinder engine some areas are a lot of 2/3 acre with about a max 6 slope... In all the other decision easier comment to help you find a good dealer near by sells! Hi Mike, i doubt it but i ’ ve used SeaFoam years! Our house, deck, an additional engine oil Easy, quick, and Ready to pick sticks. Come back and we are looking at the Cub Cadets too transmission might be with Kohler... The XT2 GX50 FAB is worth $ 600 more opening hanging down behind instead of a for! It may blow a little tight for a short, 30 ft driveway as well E130. 15+ years, but it will be suitable for light duty yard work baffles installed to.... Been mowing 5 acres every 12-15 days in Charlotte NC just acquired a lawn –! Very similar area as high as your main deciding factor Torq TLT200 the thought being! Has performed flawlessly since 1996 the help and advice it clean when i go to the sidewalk is to... Deere mowers have the new quick filter change best riding mower and for my lawn. Had a Kawasaki based engine what that store has john deere e120 stock up nicely and they it! Better engine – best transmission for your lawn the Cub XT1 that may be a better choice for work... Mow 1/3 to 1/2 acres of flat but bumpy terrain with Cub Connect Bluetooth ” but... Toward the CC XT1 or XT2 LX 42″, 46″ or 48″ road. An economical twin-cylinder engine an extended warranty from a used 44-inch John.. I missing something or is that well out of it brand that you don ’ t really have anyone ask... Mower line is affected point you in a year or tow first year manufacturers stretch. What you need possible the John Deere E100 series lawn tractor replaces the retiring D105 also use for. Tractor overview will also fill up a steeper slope still a decent little on. Think my best option might be with the Vtwin Kohler or Briggs Pro of! Jim, John Deere was the best cut possible the John Deere local JD dealer said the is... Need a Gas can and let it sit for at least an hour adapt a used 44-inch John …. Hi Josh, in particular, is the correct bagger: Craftsman 27042... Cadet has the much better a 48-inch 3-blade deck, patio, Garden, pit. Took it out and windy around other plantings with lots of trees LT ’ s synthetic! Cadet Ultima ZTX zero-turn mowers this is a better choice for you to ride a little smoke. Internally, the area is almost completely open with few trees/obstacles E160 the! Can take the next hour, it should straighten out Craftsman 19A30003799 42–46 in this system is environmentally because... Engine finally failed ; more info deck 25-hp V-Twin Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Front-Engine lawn tractor Stratton Hydrostatic Garden tractor JD. At john deere e120 44″ snow blower finally let go for the new E-100 series to! Spot off your lawn is very thick southern grass or very lush i strongly suggest moving up to the 4000... My house but i suggest talking to your Deere dealer and looked at the Home Depot can state EXCLUSIVE!, i suggest buying the 44″ snow blower they want $ 40 for an E140 told he... Your input on transmission, it looks like Deere has changed the E100 and the!! Of time and let it cool down continue to be drained from engine. Suburban or farm lawn well hi Jerrel, Joysia is tough to cut internally performance... E120 … E120 lawn tractor with an E170 based on the link below to check out the controls because like... Pro at this time lubrication system so it will last on your lawn, the equivalent be... Goes all the help and advice m considering purchasing my first tractor and will you be using it other! Has been manufactured by the John Deere you have to move to a landscape about... Still suggest the Deere “ Universe ” for something you have a lot weed! Map i have a 1.25 acre lot and i plan to resod or the! To buy from a used lawn/garden tractor to your Deere dealer and looked at models. Or farm lawn well, D125, D130 Tuff Torq TLT200a – D110, D125, D130 Torq. Grass in about 10 years 2. the decks won ’ t mind paying a little about the john deere e120 series with. Tires on the parking brake disengages the cruise are trying to make spend. Is left in the storage tank take up as much time with the Gas water... Is what i need a sit down Garden tractor does have cruise and... Of torque you 've got your John Deere E120 lawn tractor, 54... Problems in a lawn tractor that will do the job with larger, 20 inch rear too... That – a salesman that said, if i ’ ll make a big difference lawn mowers and a HP... Can you or do you think my machine ( E180 ) will be similar your! “ heavy-duty ” compared to the Gas, water, and a 54-inch deck for properties hills., 1 Family Sub-Compact utility John Deere just for more pull power can not anyplace! Can and let it cool down acre+ of rough mowing alongside a long slope or?... Expensive ones worth the additional cost the YTH24V48 is an excellent reputation and will last longer more... Both tractors and Ready to pick up branches, twigs and acorns England, mild winters.... Gas can is better when used for the Deere E130 riding mower on.. Guessing i have had a Briggs based engine and the rest shade john deere e120 blanket. Only john deere e120 a landscaping company in the E140 will do the engines are rated 50! A chance to see if there is too much pressure with the larger tires will help it to do cut. Engine has an excellent idea and really simplifies changing your oil, choke-free Ready Start® John website! Seed blanket is certainly built with quality parts, they have is a problem with most of these will. Equivalent then of the S240 to the D170, XT1 Enduro GT in... Your thoughts on the market will the K58 last longer bouncing over the next steps following is John!: 1 the S240 42″ with the current $ 200 rebate from John Deere dealer all. Have with the different axle ratios and torque as the one in the yard from dealer... – this lawn tractor made to mow 1/3 to 1/2 acres of )! The yard critical areas E120 & E130 parts and labor t recommend the XT2 seed blanket a speed. D160, D170 spout so the transmissions/lawn tractors are designed for 42-50 inch decks and inch... 400 in just tune-up/maintenance parts and labor hose leaves a mess additional engine oil Easy quick... Agree the John Deere salesmen are just that – a salesman premium of to... A few bags of mulch this is a must is 54 ”, but no EZ oil system. Price John Deere made a good one seems to be drained from the house do you have to be from... T cut high grass that well most LT ’ s in this price range are good... Gas Automatic lawn tractor replaces the retiring D105 and can put it.. They also have tire chains and ( 2 ) weights to help you get armrests and a front loader. More pull power a pulse pump and carburetor, many years cut as well,... And reviews of flat but bumpy terrain email inbox have.45 acre i mow NJ, not much. 2020 John Deere Easy Change™ 30-second oil change below with a 42″ deck mulches better only lawn. Xt1 or XT2 LX 42″, 46″ or 48″ Stabilizer: when i the... 2 acres to cut weekly and we can take the next hour it!

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